Motorcycle ancillary mounting rail for the discerning rider.

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is John Galloway and I've been riding bikes since I was a lad (a few years ago now), last year I brought a Gen 3 Triumph Tiger 1200. Since I've had it I have been through more satnav and phone mounts than I'm ever going to admit too, they were either flimsy and broke within days, flapped around so badly that you couldn't see anything or moved up and down with the screen, either way they all aggravated my OCD.

As a designer there was really only one option left ........... and so the TEKMOUNT was born.

As authentic as it gets

A product for discerning bikers made with passion by a biker.

TEKMOUNT for the Triumph Tiger Gen 3 800 / 1200cc


New Tekmount TG3B, RAM mount design almost invisable.
Made to look as if it were supplied with the bike
Almost vibration free and not mounted on the screen.

New Products available today.

Triumph Tiger Gen 1 - 1200cc Tekmount
At last we have stocks of the new Tekmount TG1-1200 utility mounting system for the Tiger Gen 1

Available now

Triumph Tiger Gen 1 800cc
The long awaited final version of the TG1 800 is now ready for shipping, made from stainless steel and sprayed black with a new carbon fibre look bar, its exceeded even my expectations.

The TG1 800 will only fit the Triumph Tiger Gen 1 800cc, it will not fit the 1200cc variant.

I am looking at making a version for the 1200cc model but this will be a little while in design and testing before to is ready for production,
you can of course register your interest in the 1200cc Tekmount by clicking here.


Premium Triumph Tiger Gen 3 Tekmount.
Currently looking at a premium metal version just waiting on a prototype.

Triumph Tiger Gen 3 headlight grill.
Exploring the possibility of a metal headlight grill / protector, let me know that you think

Sounds good, but don't have a Tiger Gen 1 800cc or Gen 3 800/1200cc ?

If you are intersted in something to fit your bike just contact me, having developed the concept to this stage I am enthusiastic to create as many variations as possible.... connect with me on social media and lets talk......

Innovative design at affordable prices.
Current Versions

Triumph Tiger 800/1200 Gen 3 ready for immediate shipping
Triumph Tiger 800 Gen 1 ready for immediate shipping

In design:-
Triumph Tiger 1200 Gen 1
Triumph Tiger 1050
Triumph Tiger Gen3 headlight protector
Triumph Tiger 1200 Gen 1 Engine bash plate

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